Friday, October 10, 2008

Breastfeeding Hoopla

Why is it that people go crazy when they see pictures of women, especially celebrities, breastfeeding their children?! It's the most natural way to feed younglings, heck, mammals do it every day, but no one makes a big deal when they see a calf, kitten or puppy nursing it's momma.

I saw this headline today: "Jolie apparently breastfeeding on W magazine cover:
Here's the story:
Oct. 9, 2008, 3:18 PM EST NEW YORK (AP) -- We've already seen the baby pictures — now see the photo of Angelina Jolie apparently breastfeeding on the cover of W magazine. Jolie appears on the cover of the W's November issue in a sleeveless top, which has been opened to reveal part of her left breast and a tiny hand ostensibly belonging to one of her twins, Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline, who were born in July. The black-and-white photo shows Jolie smiling, her long brown hair cascading over her shoulder. The cover headline promises exclusive "private photos" of the 33-year-old actress by her partner Brad Pitt.

Why this "story" is actually a story is baffling to me. Like I said, breastfeeding isn't something new & radical; it's been practiced since the first humans were put on the Earth.

Here's another headline from not too long ago: "Jamie Lynn Spears breast-feeding pic prompts probe"
And the associated story:

Jamie Lynn Spears has been exposed in mommy mode.

A photo of the teen breastfeeding her baby has allegedly been stolen and has sparked a federal pornography investigation, reports

The actress' baby daddy Casey Aldridge had taken several photos of the Spears clan, including Britney, brother Brian, mom Lynne Spears, Jamie Lynn and daughter Maddie. In one photo, Jamie Lynn's left breast is exposed while she's feeding Maddie. The digital camera's memory card was taken to a Wal-Mart for processing. Law enforcement believes that a man, who has tried selling the photos and has yet to be found, made extra copies at the store.

At 17, Jamie Lynn is still a minor, so the selling or purchasing of that particular photos could be seen as a violation of federal laws prohibiting child pornography.

Yet another photo features Jamie Lynn in a negligee while holding the baby.

Jamie Lynn Spears is best known for her role on Nickelodeon's "Zoey 101."

Jamie Lynn's mom recently came out with a tell-all book that details how Jamie Lynn revealed her pregnancy to her.

Now, I do have some issues with certain aspects of this story. For example, why on earth did her boyfriend take them to WalMart to be developed??? Ummmm, get your own printer & print them at home. Certainly you or I could probably take similar pictures to Walmart without worry of them being stolen, but we're not celebrities.

So, do you have a nursling picture you'd like to share? Mine is below. This is my sweet daughter, in one of our last nursing sessions before my return to work full time & weaning.


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